Apple might soon release the second beta version of their new iOS 7 mobile operating system, fixing many of the bugs that users have been complaining about.

iOS 7 beta 2

Popular Apple news portal CultOfMac reports that Apple might soon release the iOS 7 Beta 2 version of their revamped mobile operating system. If we go with the analysis made by the website for previous iOS beta release schedules, then the new beta might come in as soon as tomorrow, i.e. 24th June. The website made their analysis based on the following bar diagram:

iOS beta duration

Image credit: Will Hains

Analyzing the graph, CultOfMac arrives at the following numbers:

  • Beta 1 – lasts 14.75 days
  • Beta 2 – lasts 15.4 days
  • Beta 3 – lasts 15 days
  • Beta 4 – lasts 18.6 days
  • Beta 5 – lasts 17.8 days
  • Beta 6 – lasts 11 days

Going by those numbers. CultOfMac reports the following dates of arrival of future iOS 7 beta releases:

  • Beta 2 – Monday, June 24th
  • Beta 3 – Wednesday, July 10th
  • Beta 4 – Thursday, July 25th
  • Beta 5 – Monday, August 12th
  • Beta 6 – Friday, August 30th
  • Gold Master – Tuesday, September 10th
  • iOS 7 Final – Friday, September 20th

*Gold Master refers to the Release Candidate version of iOS 7 that Apple is most likely to release as the final version.

iOS 7

Of course, the publication doesn’t fail to mention that all these dates are pure speculation based upon historical data. For all we know, every date could be wrong. We might have fewer beta releases, depending on the number of bugs to be squashed, tweaks and changes to be made, etc. Some people have already jumped ship to iOS 7 Beta 1 and a number of them are reporting poor battery life, that would perhaps be the first thing to be squashed in the future beta releases. Either way, iOS 7 remains the most ambitious and complete makeover that Apple has given their mobile OS till date, and while many existing iOS users are skeptical about it, most Android users are loving it altogether. What about you?

Source: Cult Of Mac