Skilled hacker Ryan Petrich managed to jailbreak the new iOS 7 mobile OS, still in its early beta stage, much before anybody expected it to be. Although, no jailbreak tool has been released.

iOS 7 jailbreak

Ryan Petrich will go down in history as the first person to have successfully jailbroken the new iOS 7, while it was only in its 2nd beta (/dramatic line ends). Jailbreaking the iPhone is what rooting is to Android devices. It enables deeper access and control over the OS, allows users to install cracked apps and games and much more. But is it always a good thing? Not really.

Although an early jailbreak might sound like a good thing (of course, why not), but the OS, still in its early beta stages, only gives Apple more time to patch exploits and holes up. This will in turn make jailbreaking the final iOS 7 build a hell lot harder since Apple will have patched up the exploits being used by hackers.

Thankfully, Ryan seems to understand the perils of exposing the exploits uncovered by him and hence, is smart enough to only post proof that the jailbreak is real instead of releasing the actual jailbreak took. We will definitely keep an eye out for more of similar work from Petrich in the future is iOS 7 beta releases.

via PA & BGR