A developer has discovered that Apple tested additional folder enhancements and gestures in iOS 7, though all of those improvements have not been readily made available in iOS 7 beta 1. The first beta of iOS 7 was seeded to developers immediately after WWDC 2013, these hidden settings have been discovered after performing a number of unspecified tweaks.


These iOS 7 hidden settings reveal that Apple tested edge-swipe and corner-swipe gestures system wide, these gestures can presumably be used to making switching apps faster across iOS. Apple has already introduced new edge-swipe gestures in a number of native apps such as mobile Safari and Messages.


These settings also show that Apple tested a feature that would allow users to hide pre-installed apps as well as create new folders inside of a folder. iOS 7 already brings the functionality of having multiple app pages inside a folder, but this purported feature will greatly enhance ease of use. Ability to close a folder by pinching has also apparently been tested.

Apple has hidden these settings in the first beta of iOS 7. It is too soon to say whether these features will be part of the public release, but we’ll know for sure if they surface again in future betas.

Source: [9to5Mac]