Apple has fired multiple arrows with the introduction of iOS 7, with many websites claiming it to be the biggest change since the introduction of the iPhone. Well, we’re just glad that those changes include game controller support as well.

iOS 7 SDK MFi game controller

Apple’s iOS platform has been a prime attraction to mobile game developers. The company has pushed for powerful graphics (check out the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 GPU) in the most recent generations of iDevices which has in turn spurred the development of high-quality, near console quality like (still a fair bit away) gaming on IOS devices. Well, it looks like the Cupertino company is finally ready to step it up one notch.

Apple iOS 7 game controller support

The illustration shows two types of accessories, one that attaches itself to the iPhone while the other works like a standard game controller.

The iOS 7 SDK includes support for MFi game controllers that provides a much easier way for third-party developers to make games accessories and add-ons for your iPhone/iPad. Such a move might have bigger, more significant implications. Apple could very well make their own iOS based home console. Even better, their iPhone/iPad can itself double as the console. Plug in a controller, connect to your TV and you have a high-quality gaming (that iOS is already offering) experience right there.

With API-level support for hardware controllers, mobile game console developers such as Sony (PS Vita) and Nintendo (3DS) might just have more to worry about in the near future.

Source: Touch Arcade via The Verge