Rumor has it that the next major iOS update will focus more on health and fitness tracking.


This summer Apple is expected to lift the wraps off of iOS 8, the next major update for its popular mobile platform. Last year iOS 7 brought the biggest changes to iOS, a completely new user interface and user experience, apart from a plethora of new features. iOS 8 isn’t believed to be so radically different from its predecessor, instead, it is believed that Apple will focus more on mobile health and fitness tracking, particularly through a new native application called “Healthbook.”

Healthbook will apparently work in tandem with iWatch, Apple’s much rumored smartwatch that some believed is going to be fitness focused, with an array of sensors on board just to track the user’s vital signs, such as hydration levels, blood pressure, heart rate and more. The app will display data collected by the iWatch, and will also show users fitness related statistics, such as total miles walked in a day, steps taken as well as calories burned. Healthbook presumably tracks medication times as well, and at relevant times will prompt users that its time for their medication.

While its highly likely that Apple may focus iOS 8 towards health and fitness tracking, it can’t be said for sure right now if the app will link up with the iWatch as rumored. This is because the iWatch is nothing more than a bunch of rumors right now, there’s no evidence available to suggest that Apple is planning to release such a device, even if its conducting tests internally. Moreover, with rumors of the company facing difficulties in the manufacturing process of the smartwatch, some believe that its impossible for the iWatch to be ready for public release until at least towards the end of this year.

Source: The Verge


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