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iOS leads in mobile ad revenue, Android a not so close second

Opera’s latest figures on mobile advertising show that iOS and Apple are still kings of the county when it comes to the total ad revenue on mobile phones, with Android coming in at a distant second place.


Android may have the market share, but iOS continues to be the most popular smartphone operating system when it comes to developer interest, web usage and, according to data released by Opera Mediaworks, mobile ad revenue as well. Opera’s latest figures show that iOS is responsible for 49.36 percent of all mobile ad revenue that its advertising network generates, with Android trailing behind and accounting for only 28% of ad revenue.

The gap between the two major OS is smaller when it comes to ad impressions, where iOS accounts for 43.75 percent compared to Android’s 31.24 percent, but it is clear to see which holds more value in the grand scheme of things (even if we count those Android users who use ad blockers after rooting their devices). Windows Phone, the distant third ecosystem, doesn’t even make it past the 0.5 percent barrier, while the “burning platform” Symbian that Nokia ditched in favor of Microsoft’s OS is still holding strong with 5.16 percent of ad impressions and 1.59 percent revenue.


Apple holds a comfortable lead among manufacturers as well, with Samsung and Nokia at second and third with 17.40 percent and 10.43 percent traffic share (Nokia’s still in the top three because of phones running the aforementioned Symbian, and the featurephone OS S40), and OEMs like HTC, Motorola and BlackBerry contributing in single-digit. When it comes to tablets, iOS has literally no competition, with its share of mobile ad revenue a whopping 91 percent, followed by Samsung at a measly 6.11 percent.


These figures really show how Apple has little to worry amidst all the market share talk that gets thrown around these days, and I suspect the situation will remain in favor of the Cupertino company for some time to come, especially in ad revenue from tablets. iOS still reigns supreme as far as monetization is concerned, and perhaps that is what ultimately matters.

Via: Phone Arena | Source: Opera

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