Leaked iPad 5 schematics show that the new iPad will take its design cues from the iPad Mini. Get ready for slimmer bezels and a smaller device.

Leaked Apple iPad 5 design schematics (1)

Schematics of the fifth-generation iPad have leaked, revealing a design that will take its cues from the iPad Mini. When Apple introduced the iPad Mini last year, consumers were vowed with the new approach. With slim bezel and minimal thickness, the somewhat expensive ‘Mini’ version of the iPad took off very well and turned out to be a commercial hit. Does Apple want to steal back whatever market share it lost to competitors such as Samsung and Google (Nexus 10) with the next iPad? Looks like, and they’re on the right track too.

The leaked schematics reveal the iPad 5 dimensions to be 232 x 178.5 x 7.9 mm, a pretty slim tablet if you’ ask me, although still far away from the likes of the Xperia Z tablet. Apple will reportedly introduce the 5th generation iPad in the mid-September to end-of-October timeframe later this year. At the same time, we expect to see a new iPod Touch and the low-cost iPhone as well. The new iPad will most definitely launch after the iPhone 5S.

Source: NoWhereElse via SlashGear