In what has to be a rather unorthodox style of data mining self-styled "information massage therapist", A.X. Ian took to Twitter for 24 hours following Christmas to find which of the tablets on the market was winning the sales numbers.

Just to be clear here – this is not a scientific study by any stretch of the imagination – at the very best it's an interesting way to do some simple data mining on Twitter based on some specific keywords and then putting it altogether in a quickie chart that is guaranteed to go viral.

What Mr. Ian did was to analyze the tweets being sent out on Christmas Eve that included the following phrase "first tweet from [      ]" with the blank obviously the name of the tablet the person was using Twitter on.

The end result of his analysis: the Apple iPad is outselling the Microsoft Surface by an "incredible" 50-to-1 margin. Here is the full chart for you to look over.

Now before all the Apple fan boys start patting each other on the back and point mocking fingers at Microsoft remember this – it's a silly 24hr study done by someone who can't even use his (or is it her?) real name on their Twitter page.

I'm not suggesting that the iPad isn't trouncing the Surface – I totally expect it would – but let's not get too carried away with this silliness.

via BusinessInsider