Freshly leaked images of the iPad mini 2 from China suggest that Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner won’t be making its way to the company’s second-generation 7.8-inch tablet.


A fingerprint sensor was rumored for the iPad mini 2, but the new images – which may or may not be fake – show a standard round home button with a rectangle in the middle, seemingly putting early rumors to rest. Some have even speculated that the new iPad mini won’t feature a Retina display – add to that the omission of a fingerprint scanner, and it makes for a good indication of Apple making numerous compromises, perhaps to keep the price under control.

The iPad mini 2 is expected to be unveiled on October 22nd, so it’s not long before we’ll get an official confirmation on whether it sports a Touch ID home button or not. In case it doesn’t, the iPad 5 probably will, so we’ll just have to settle for a not-so-convenient screen size in exchange for the convenience of a fingerprint scanner on a tablet.

Source: CTech