A report from a Chinese news service states that an iPad Mini 2 is underway and that its resolution is getting huge a boost.

Brightwire, the Chinese investment news service, cited Taiwanese Apple suppliers in saying that the production of a 7.9 inch iPad Mini 2 is underway. The report also says that AU Optronics is the pilot behind the iPad Mini 2. Currently, AU builds displays for a handful of Apple products, one of them being the first generation iPad Mini. 

The report by Brightwire states the next-gen iDevice would feature a 2048 x 1536 pixel display, or 324 ppi (pixels per inch). That number is quadruple that of the current iPad Mini. While better resolution seems like good news to consumers, it can occasionally be bad news for developers. Different resolutions may call for a redesign of an app to fit the dimensions and be aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, the resolution for the next gen iPad Mini will not require such a thing since it is equivalent to that of the larger Retina iPad.

Many have speculated about the coming of a higher resolution version of the iPad Mini, especially when the first gen did not show off a retina-level display.


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