Previously it was thought that Apple was going to unveil the iPad mini on October 17, but now another date has popped up suggesting that the dumbed down iPad won’t be shown to the world until October 23.

Rumors surrounding the iPad mini suggest that the device will be a 7.85-inch budget slate—in the sense that it’ll be less expensive than a normal sized iPad.  The iPhone has already sold millions within just the first month alone and that success may carry over to the mini once Apple decides launch the device.

Apple has reportedly ordered 10 million units, which suggest there are high hopes for the next Apple-hyped gadget.

Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet on October 26th, so Apple may have to share some of the spotlight if it is indeed popping the lid on the mini in the same week.

The rumors will continue to swirl until Apple makes an official announcement, and for now, all we really know about the iPad mini is that it will have a 7.85-inch screen (unless, Apple does one on us and plants whoopee cushion on everyone).

Source: allthingsd