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iPhone 4 causes accidental electrocution of a 30-year-old Chinese man

A new report reveals that an iPhone 4, being charged with a third-party adapter, has caused the accidental electrocution of a 30 year old man in China. 


This is actually the second such story to surface in a week. Just last week it was reported that a flight attendant was actually killed due to electrocution by her iPhone while it was being charged. A follow up to that story has revealed that she had an iPhone 4 that was also being charged through a third party adaptor. Apple has already said in that particular case that it is investigating and will cooperate with authorities as well.

This latest incident happened with Wu Jian Tong, who was “suddenly shocked” when he was plugging in his iPhone 4 to a third party adaptor, it is believed that the adaptor may have been counterfeit. Wu’s sister who tried unplugging the device while Wu was being electrocuted said that she also felt current flowing through her body. An emergency medical team was able to stabilize his condition, but Wu is said to be in a coma due to severe oxygen deprivation to the brain.

Apple hasn’t issued an official statement as yet on this particular incident. An investigation is expected to reveal more in the near future.

Source: [ZDNet]

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