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iPhone 4: jailbroken at last

It seems that one thing is clear: no matter how much Apple tries to block people from jailbreaking the iPhone and warning users that doing so may void the warranty, the hackers always succeed in doing so. And next up on the chopping list? A solution to jailbreak the iPhone 4.

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There are many legitimate reasons why mobile phone manufacturers would want to block access to unofficial ROMS or external repositories, claiming inherent security risks involved in doing so. That is understandable.

But for the adventurous who fully believe that gaining access to external repositories or unofficial ROMs far outweigh the chances of ending up with a bricked or compromised handsets, the measures set in place to prevent such activities are seen as artificial restrictions on usage. And that is where a mini-war is being fought, with the hackers trying to come out with solutions to root or jailbreak such handsets, while manufacturers try to close off any loopholes within the system that may enable such actions.

However, it seems that the hackers always come out ahead in such scenarios, and the fact that the hacking community have managed to successfully jailbreak the latest iPhone 4 is probably proof of that.

According to TechRadar UK, the latest jailbreaking solution for the iPhone 4 takes advantage of the built-in Safari browser to work, although there is little information on how the community managed to get it working. Again, this is understandable: after all, the last thing the community wants is for Apple to shut the door on all their work in trying to deliver a working jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4.

Of course, some requirements must be met before one can successfully jailbreak the iPhone 4: the developers have pointed out on the JailBreakMe website that the handset must not be upgraded to anything beyond v4.0.1, or the jailbreak attempt will fail.

More importantly, it seems that the act of jailbreaking has been legalized in the US due to a new exemption made to the DMCA. However, this is Singapore we are talking about, and whether the local telcos will void a jailbroken iPhone is still dubious at best, so do it at your own risk.

Source: TechRadar UK

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