A few pictures of a side by side comparison of an iPhone 5 and a purported iPhone 5S display assembly have been posted online. A couple of days ago we saw some more pictures of an alleged iPhone 5S display assembly being posted online, these pictures add weight to speculation that next generation iPhone might retain its predecessor’s display size. 


The source of these pictures claims to have got their hands on an iPhone 5S display assembly quite a few months before the device is actually expected to be released. Apple is reportedly going to unveil the next generation iPhone at an event in September. It isn’t entirely clear right now whether the purported display assembly shown in this picture is actually a real iPhone 5S component, or if its just a prototype or even a well designed mock-up.


These are actually the first high resolution pictures that we have seen of an alleged iPhone 5S components, such parts are usually outed in blurry and low resolution pictures. There are no major noticeable differences between these two components, antenna plugs, camera holes and anchor points for the chassis all seem to be where they are on the iPhone 5 display assembly. The only difference found is the flex cable connector, which will reportedly correspond differently on the iPhone 5S logic board, which too is apparently similar to iPhone 5 logic board.

It is important to keep in mind now that all of this is speculation. There’s no certainty in the claims that these components do actually belong to Apple’s next generation iPhone. However, they do fuel rumors that have us believe that iPhone 5S will not come with any substantial design changes.

Source: [FanaticFone]