Microsoft's Xbox SmartGlass releases awesome update for iPhone 5 users. Bigger screen, better gameplay.

Microsoft is dealing some nice cards this quarter. Alongside Windows 8, they released Xbox SmartGlass, a smart phone app supplementary to the Xbox 360. It serves peripherally as either an additional screen or additional controller to greatly expand on interactivity. Plenty of Xbox users have smartphones, so the SmartGlass app was a brilliant implementation on Microsoft's behalf. Smartphone owners get to use what they already own as an aide. Not even 2 months into the release of the app, SmartGlass has an update that has iPhone 5 users animated.


With a 4" screen and an aspect ratio of 16:9, the iPhone 5 is certainly bigger than the previous generations. Hitherto, iPhone 5 owners using the SmartGlass app had to deal with the constraints of the iPhone 4 screen. Yikes! We all remember widescreen movies with the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. Well, say goodbye to that! The latest iPhone screen gets its potential maximized, which is not just convenient, but aesthetically gratifying, too.