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iPhone 5 jailbreak used over 7 million times in 4 days

This week alone, approximately 7 million iPhones and iPad users have used a new hacking app called ‘evasi0n’. Evasi0n allows one to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad quite easily and in just a few minutes time.

A team of programmers have developed a new application tool called ‘Evasi0n’ that gives a person the ability to jailbreak their iPad or iPhone if they are running the latest iOS version 6, iPhone 5 or iPad Mini.

This week, or rather, during the past 5 days there have been approximately 7 million devices that downloaded the evasi0n program app to jailbreak their iOS device, which makes evasi0n the most popular jailbreaking application so far.  These large numbers only proves to Apple that their customers want more from their Apple devices.

The new hacking app was released this past Monday by a team calling themselves the ‘evad3rs’, and it marks the first time that a jailbreak program was able to successfully jailbreak the iPhone 5 along with the most recent iOS from Apple.  The app can successfully remove all of the restrictions set in place by Apple in just a matter of minutes once the app is installed and activated.

The app was so incredibly popular that statistics show it being used no less than 800 thousand times in the first half day alone.  By the end of the next day that number jumped to nearly 2 million. These stats come from a Jay Freeman who also runs an alternative app called Cydia and a store for jailbroken Apple devices.  

Freeman also said that his download numbers on the app may be even higher and that traffic was coming to his site so heavily that it actually knocked his server offline for a brief time.

Evasi0n takes advantage of no less than 5 separate flaws in iOS’s coding, the first of which is an exploit in iOS’s backup system to gain access to special settings normally impossible to reach by a user.  From this point forward the app goes through a series of special steps cracking other exploits in the iOS, which includes rewriting the root directory on the device.

This may be the beginning of even more in-depth hacks on Apple devices because of this latest evasi0n application.  Some reports say that hackers may have uncovered even more exploits in the iOS that will keep Apple programmers on their feet.

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