With rumours of the next iPhone to include a 4-inch display floating up recently and other reports of the iPhone 5 without the home button, how exactly will the next-generation iPhone look like?

While there are rumours of 4-inch screen components to be featured in the next-generation iPhone, many are expecting the same hardware parts to be reused in the next iPhone from the iPhone 4. So how would they look like if those two factors are combined? Well, above is a mock-up of how the iPhone 5 may look like with a 4-inch screen while preserving its current hardware and size.

To be honest, I think it looks a little weird with the screen extending out to the edge of the phone, don't you think?

But how about the iPhone 5 without the home button?

It is possible to function the iPhone without the home button, as demonstrated in iOS beta with multi-touch gestures on the iPad, and future iPhones might really be home-(button)-less.

Do you think Apple is going to surprise us with such radical change in the upcoming iPhone?

Source: 9to5Mac & Macworld.it