Amid reports of drastic production cuts, it appears that the low cost iPhone is doing much better now in a crucial emerging market, India.


Prior to its launch, it was consistently rumored that the low cost iPhone a.k.a iPhone 5C will perform well in markets like China and India. That didn’t turn out to be true, because the iPhone 5C isn’t as low cost as originally believed to be. Consumers in these particular markets are unlikely to pay a significant amount for a smartphone that has the same specifications as its predecessor and a less “premium” build, iPhone 5C has similar specifications to the iPhone 5 and it uses plastic instead of glass and aluminium like its predecessor.

In order to push its new smartphone in India, Apple launched a new program with retailers last week which has brought in a significant sales boost. Smartphone owners in India can now trade in their existing device for a new iPhone 5C or iPhone 4S, cashbacks for their old devices start at roughly $200. This makes the iPhone 5C much more affordable and thus the device is now outselling the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 in the country according to retailers based in India.

Its unclear if Apple has plans to launch similar programs in other emerging markets as well. However, from the looks of things, it would only serve Apple’s interests to do so.

Source: Indian Express