Over the past couple of weeks we have seen many purported iPhone 5C pictures being leaked out on the internet. Today some more pictures have leaked which show off different color hues as opposed to the ones we’ve already seen.


Now when we look at these purported iPhone 5C pictures, its always best to keep in mind that what we see might only be a prototype. That’s why you’ll see different color hues in all of the previously leaked pictures. Regardless of that, it is believed that iPhone 5C will be offered in multiple colors, some say as many as five. The casings we see today show one in bright pink and the other in pastel, a green casing has already leaked but if this casing is the real deal, that would mean Apple might not go with a bright shade of green.


Recent reports suggest that iPhone 5C will replace iPhone 5 in Apple’s smartphone lineup. The company is expected to announce this device alongside the iPhone 5S on September 10th. Earlier today VR-Zone reported on the possibility of both new iPhones being released on September 20th.

There’s no confirmation as yet from Apple regarding its iPhone plans. The company is yet to roll out invites for its event. If it is indeed going to schedule the event on September 10th, we might see invites roll out in the first week of next month.

Source: [C-Tech]