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iPhone 5C units apparently pictured during quality testing after assembly

A new picture has surfaced online which shows off a large number of purported iPhone 5C units. The units are apparently being quality tested after coming off the assembly line. The picture was posted on Sina Weibo. 


It has been rumored for the past couple of weeks that Apple’s manufacturing partners in China have received instructions to begin mass producing the iPhone 5C. Apple’s low cost iPhone is expected to be in strong supply after launch, it is even expected to outsell the iPhone 5S in September quarter. Analysts predict that Apple may sell over 8 million iPhone 5C units within two weeks of launch, such claims are usually made after supply channel checks. Up till now there have been no reports of Apple facing any issues with iPhone 5C mass production, though there have been such reports about the iPhone 5S.

In this particular picture, which has been discovered on Sina Weibo, we can see many purported iPhone 5C units plugged in and undergoing testing. By the looks of it, this entire batch contains only white iPhone 5C units, whereas the device is rumored to be offered in as many as five color options. It is said that these tests are related to general usage and the device’s on-board capacity.

There exists this possibility that the units we see in this picture might be knock-offs. China’s market is flooded with clones of all sorts of smartphones, given how iPhone 5C is expected to be a hit in China, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if clones started to appear in the market prior to the actual release.

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