An iPhone 5S user has posted pictures online of his device that caught fire while in use and eventually exploded.


Only recently it was reported that a student’s iPhone 5C caught fire when it was doing absolutely nothing in her pocket, causing her second degree burns in the process. Photos of a somewhat similar incident have been posted online, the source claims that he was using the iPhone 5S to browse Facebook when out of the blue the battery started to inflate. He also claims that the phone wasn’t open, wasn’t being charged and that it had no damage prior to this incident.


Apparently as soon as the battery started to inflate, it pushed up the screen so much so that he was able to grab a hold of it and rip it off with a fair bit of force, with the screws ripping out of the threads. He claims that smoke billowed from the battery for a good three minutes while he took the EMI shields off in a bid to disconnect the battery to remove it and take it outside.


One might question just how he was able to take pictures when all this was happening. The source says that he doesn’t use the iPhone as his primary device, “I use the iPhone for everything else other then (sic) texting and calling,” he says. Apple hasn’t commented on this incident as yet but apparently they did request him to take pictures and sent it to them. Its unclear what may have caused this incident, previous cases have often been triggered by faulty chargers or unauthorized accessories, that doesn’t appear to be the problem this time around.

Source: 9to5Mac