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iPhone 5S expected to be Apple’s most successful product launch ever

The world anxiously waits on Apple to announce its next generation iPhone, the much rumored iPhone 5S. According to one analyst, iPhone 5S launch might turn out to be the most successful product launch ever for the company.


If we look in the past, almost every iPhone or iPad release has been a record buster for Apple. iPhone 5 sold more units than its predecessor, which sold out faster than its predecessor. This is actually the first time we’ve seen an analyst predict the outcome of iPhone 5S ever before Apple has announced it. There’s no doubt in the fact that there’s obvious consumer interest in the upcoming smartphone from Apple, since it will mark one full year after which a new iPhone is being released.

The analyst in question here is Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research. He’s often quite critical of Apple’s managers, so its interesting to see such a positive comment coming from him. One of the reasons for renewed consumer interested is believed to be the upcoming Jobs movie, which Chowdhry believes will invoke positive emotions and feelings towards Apple products.

He also reiterates speculation that another iPhone is going to be launched this year, the low cost budget iPhone we’ve all been hearing about. He believes that this device will help Apple establish its hold in mid-range markets such as Thailand, Malaysia and China where customers often go for cheap Android smartphones instead of the relatively pricier iPhones.

Source: [Benzinga]

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