A so-called insider with knowledge of Apple’s plans shoots a rumor about iPhone 6’s camera specifications.


It may seem a bit too early in the year for iPhone 6 rumors, but that won’t stop the rumor mill from churning, and if this one’s any good, the next iPhone may not come with a bump in the number of megapixels, but it would bring significantly better results.

The iPhone 5S comes with an 8 megapixel rear camera with f/2.2 aperture and no optical image stabilization. Some might say that the camera isn’t as impressive when you compare it with that of a Galaxy Note 3 or the LG G2 for that matter. That is quite right, the G2 delivers excellent low light imaging quality whereas Galaxy Note 3 offers somewhat similar results. Can Apple improve the camera quality on the next iPhone without having to increase the actual number of megapixels, which aren’t in themselves true representatives of a camera’s capabilities?

There certainly is a way, provided that the specifications provided in this rumor are correct. Going by this, we can expect the iPhone 6 to have an 8 megapixel rear camerae with a bigger 1/2.6″ sensor and f/2.0 aperture. These changes, which might seem minute and might not even appeal to the novice customer, would actually vastly improve the iPhone’s camera quality particularly in low lighting. Apart from a 6P sapphire lens, the camera is also expected to tout optical image stabilization, which does wonders in reducing blur.

It is also claimed that the CMOS sensor would be provided by Sony whereas all the other components that will go into the iPhone 6’s camera will be sourced from LG and Sharp. If Apple really does go with this setup, it would certainly result in much better camera performance, which would result in happier customers. Though seeing as how far the expected iPhone 6 launch is, it may not come until Fall, a grain of salt is advised at this point in time.

Source: Weibo