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iPhone generates more money than Android despite lower market share

Apple devices bring in more revenue for advertisers and developers despite Android’s far greater share of the market, news at 11.

man using smartphone

According to the latest report on mobile advertising by Opera Mediaworks, while Android smartphones draws 7 percent more traffic on advertisements than iPhones, the latter still manage to rake in overall 40 percent of advertiser revenue compared to Android smartphone’s 30.

A couple of attributes account for this lead for Apple vs. the rest of the Android camp, one of which is the popularity of the iPad which alone contributes 13 percent to the revenue and puts Apple in the lead with a revenue share of 56 percent. Android tablets have never been able to compete with the iPad, and they combine with other Android devices to make only a 32 percent share.

Other than Apple’s superiority in the tablet market, another major factor is that Apple tends to draw more consumption-oriented customers than Android users; Apple users are generally more willing to pay for apps and other services. While Android has done a fine job in increasing the affordability of smartphones, it has brought an influx of budget consumers who are less willing to pay for services and more interested in free services. This is why – in my humble opinion – Android will not be able to overtake the iPhone in terms of advertisement and developer return in the near future.

Source: Opera via The Next Web

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