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iPhone mTrip App Uses Augmented Reality


With this mTrip iPhone application, you don’t have to worry about getting lost or unsure where to go. One notable feature is the app’s augmented reality which lets you see the various points of interest while looking through the phone’s cameras at your location.

The mTrip iPhone application is a handy travel guide that comes with an augmented reality feature that shows you the points of interest when you are looking through the phone’s camera.

According to a reviewer from AP, the mTrip app has a “Matrix” feel though the restaurant selections as well as shopping options that popped up at her location then are rather impressive.

The app also has mTrip genius, which works similarly to the genius feature in iTunes. Like, you note whether you want more or fewer places of interests, religion or monuments, and it will design an itinerary for you.

The mTrip iPhone app is available at US$9.99 on the App Store.

Source: The Associated Press

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