A vulnerability has been discovered in the popular application which leaves the door open for iPhone denial of service attacks.


Jamie Sanchez is a cybersecurity researcher who has discovered this vulnerability in the Snapchat application for iPhone. If exploited, the vulnerability can cause the iPhone to freeze and even crash. The way this vulnerability is exploited is that a hacker can send countless messages to a Snapchat user in seconds, which causes the app to crash in such a way that it requires the handset be hard reset for it to function properly again.

Basically, hackers reuse the tokens generated by Snapchat for iPhone to verify user identity. Using powerful computers, hackers can reuse old tokens to send a large number of messages. Spammers can exploit this vulnerability to send messages in greater quantities to many users, this vulnerability can also be used to launch cyber attacks on individuals, Sanchez says. He actually demonstrated exploiting this vulnerability, sending 1,000 messages under five seconds to a reporter for The Los Angeles Times, causing the iPhone to freeze up until it was restarted.

This isn’t the first time that a security flaw has been uncovered in Snapchat’s mobile application. Only recently more than 4 million users were affected by a security breach, one that Snapchat took quite a long time to acknowledge and even longer to apologize for.

Source: LA Times


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