You would almost think that there is a war brewing between two of tech's giants as news comes today that Google appears to be blocking Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps.

There has been no word from Google or Microsoft about the news that a growing number of Windows Phone users are reporting that they can't access Google Maps via the phone's browser. When they try to go to they are being redirected to regardless of any settings in the phone's browser (IE10).

I can verify that this is indeed the case as I tried on my Nokia Lumia 900 and instead of going to Google Maps I found myself looking at the standard Google search page.

Other folks are reporting that Android users are not experiencing any problems accessing the address. iPhone users are first prompted to download the Google Map app, but can click through to without any problems.

There has been no word from Google if this is just a momentary glitch that they will be fixing or if it is a part of a continued targeting of Windows Phone users to provide them with a reduced, or non-existing, user experience when it comes to using Google products on Windows Phones. This latest Google "glitch" follows the accusation by Microsoft that Google has told YouTube to provide a less than enjoyable viewing experience to Windows Phone users.

Google has already made it clear that they have no intention to develop any Google-related apps for Windows Phone. So it isn't really that hard following this latest news to jump to the conclusion that Google is doing whatever it can to make Windows Phone a less than desirable smartphone. For WP users who use Google-related products, this type of antics between competing companies can be extremely annoying.

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