It seems that new screenshots have appeared of Google Maps sporting a redesign that gets rid of the clutter and offers a more full screen experience.

It should be mentioned right off the bat that none of this is 100% confirmed, but if these screenshots are telling the truth, it looks like Google is planning to update Maps with a brand new interface. As seen in the pictures below, it removes the sidebar to offer a more engaging user experience by making the map the entire screen. It looks like information will now be displayed on top of the map whenever necessary.

Other improvements include better options regarding search results, for instance adding specific filters so only the information you want appears. Google Operating System (the site leaking the pictures) mentions examples such as filtering results by top reviews, or by recommendations by your Google+ circle. As well, there are a variety of other general updates of icons, colors, and text.  

There is no word on when this update is scheduled to be out on the Google Play Store for download, but with Google I/O just around the corner we shouldn't be surprised if this makes an appearence.

Source: Google Operating System Via: Engadget