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Is iPhone executive’s departure linked to AntennaGate?

iPhone 4

According to Apple spokesperson, an executive who’s overseeing the iPhone hardware engineering is leaving the company. However, no reason was cited as to why Mark Papermaster was leaving though speculations were because of the AntennaGate issue on the iPhone 4.

While the iPhone 4 may have AntennaGate issues, Steve Jobs says that the company will offer free bumper cases to customers who are worried about the device’s reception, or a full 30-day refund on the phone to those who can’t live with it. But the engineering flaw should not have appeared in the beginning. So who should take responsibility for this?

Recent news sources have pointed out that Mark Papermaster, senior vice president of iPhone and iPod hardware engineering, is leaving the company and no reasons were given as to why the resignation. It is surely hard not to associate Papermaster to the iPhone AntennaGate issue, if he’s involved at all.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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