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Is there a low-end iPhone and iPhone 5s in the supply chain?

Apple and its manufacturing partners are hard at work at a new low cost iPhone and an iPhone 5, if rumors are to be believed.


The blogosphere is abuzz with rumors that Foxconn has the much talked about low-end iPhone and the iPhone 5s in the supply chain.

This past weekend, dug up images of what appears to be the rear panel of the budget iPhone. They would be offered in a variety of different colors, not just the usual iPhone black and white.



The pictures could easily be of a Chinese knock-off, but the track record of is purported to be super solid. Reportedly, the case would be entirely made of plastic and would be geared towards emerging markets like India and China.

Around same time, a Chinese-language gadget blog heard from their man inside the confines of Hon Hai (which you may know as Foxconn) that the phones were shipping to suppliers with an expected release date in September.

In an April article, the Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple was in the process of preparing for a fall launch of a new phone. The Journal said that this new device, when launched, would offer cases in a variety of different colors.

A low-cost iPhone isn’t the only thing Apple is supposedly working on.

At the International Business Times, contributor Dave Smith is taking an educated guess that the iPhone 5s will be launching on September 20. He puts the release of iOS7 100 days after its announcement (given the iOS6 timeline holds constant), which would land on September 18. An OS launch is nothing without new hardware to go with it, so Smith predicts the 5s will launch on September 20.


Rumoured specs put all the features but one of the 5s as only incrementally better. Rumours say it will have an Apple built A7 chip, a 12-megapixel camera with a dual LED flash and a battery upgrade to 5.92 Whr. The most significant rumoured upgrade is a fingerprint sensor that will apparently render passwords obsolete.

Obviously these are all rumours, but they are from credible sources. More details will emerge as the release dates get closer.

Sources: iDownload Blog, International Business Times

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