canon booth  IT SHOW 2006

It is almost impossible to miss the huge Canon booth (8101) in this exhibition.


canon eos30d  IT SHOW 2006

Well, what do we have here? And the price is $ 2499 only for body alone!


canon dc10  IT SHOW 2006

Also available at the show are Canon’s DVD camcorders, which are the world’s
slimmest and smallest. It has an aluminium body and 10x optical zoom. The DC-10
1.33 megapixel CCD model is pegged at $ 1399, and the DC-20 2.2 megapixel one is
at $ 1699. The DC-20 was also given the Gold Award by HardwareMag (HWM).



olympus booth  IT SHOW 2006

We move on to the Olympus booth (8111). The booth is pretty huge too. What caught our attention was Olympus cameras soaked in water. It turns out
that they are promoting their new Olympus 720SW camera, touted to be both
shockproof and waterproof. It is a 7.1 megapixel camera, and has 3x optical zoom
and 5x digital zoom. The camera is priced at $ 749. Also, the first 100 customers
get to own a m.robe F10 MP3 player worth $ 219 free!


olympus e330  IT SHOW 2006

olympus e330 back  IT SHOW 2006

Available at their booth is the 7.5 megapixel Olympus E-330 digital SLR,
which offers ‘live view’ through the LCD panel. It comes with a 14-45mm kit
lens. The free gift bundle can really sweep you off your feet. It contains 2
pieces of 1GB CompactFlash cards, a tripod, a filter, an extra battery, some
other camera care kits and even a 38-litre dry cabinet!



nikon booth  IT SHOW 2006

Nikon’s booth does not seem to be as large as it used to be at previous


nikon d200  IT SHOW 2006

On display at Nikon’s booth is their D200 body.

Also available are Nikon’s new range of slim cameras, namely the Coolpix
L2/L3/L4, Coolpix P3/P4 and Coolpix S5. The Coolpix L3 and L4 make excellent
budget cameras. The Coolpix L4 is definitely worth considering, especially since
it is a 4.0 megapixel unit, possesses 3x optical zoom, movie recording with
sound and the price is dirt cheap at $ 299! Furthermore, a 512MB SD card is thrown
in as a free gift!