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acer IT Show 2008 Coverage!


acryan IT Show 2008 Coverage!

acryan dvr IT Show 2008 Coverage!

Over at the A.C.Ryan booth, they have a working display of the A.C.Ryan AluBox DVR. It is a new gadget that holds a 3.5″ hard disk, and you can either use it to record TV programmes (yes, TV programmes) or just use it as an external hard disk!


asus nova1 IT Show 2008 Coverage!

asus nova2 IT Show 2008 Coverage!

asus p20 IT Show 2008 Coverage!

asus px20 IT Show 2008 Coverage!

Over at the ASUS booth, we see ASUS’ latest mini PC on display – the ASUS Nova P20 and the Nova Lite PX20. The P20 has an Intel E2160 dual-core processor, together with 1GB of memory and a 120GB SATA hard disk drive. In addition, it has built-in wireless and Bluetooth.

The PX20 runs on a slower Intel Dothan 900MHz single-core processor, retains 1GB of memory, but has a smaller 80GB SATA hard disk. There is no built-in wireless and Bluetooth on this variant.

Both units retail for $ 1099 and $ 699 respectively. Prices are only for this IT Show.