In the ballroom next to Singtel’s, we have Epicentre and Handii. 


We’re sure everyone know who and what epicentre does – it’s a one-stop shop for all your Apple-related (not apple, but Apple) needs. Goes to show how much of the local populace is into the Jobs thang!



That’s quite an interestingly-shaped display table; it’s exactly the same as the Handii brand logo.

Who is Handii? If anyone read our main site back in December, you would have come across the Handii Go10 touch tablet review.


The Handii touch tablet on display. 

This is a Handii touchscreen PC; but from what we understand it’s still in development.

The Handii touch tablet you see above, or the one you saw in our review, is a true blue plain (Ed: plane?) Jane. However, Handii has plans to release themed touch tablets.

As you can see from here, this particular touch tablet has a Marvel Captain America theme. 

Handii has not forgotten about the working professionals who are constantly on the move. This Handii machine is built to take the shape of a leather notebook.

This Handii tablet has a flat keyboard which is no thicker than your average leather skinned notepad. There’s even a stand to prop the tablet up like in the picture above. 


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