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IT SHOW 2011 Coverage


 Starhub booth is located at level 3 Room 325 & 326.

 Starhub started their Internet TV services.


 The PopBox allows users to watch over 1000 channels, stream media and socialize from thier TV sets.


 Starhub Broadband Plans

Fiber Broadband MaxInfinity Ultimate* MaxInfinity Ultimate**
Download/Upload Speed 100/50Mbps 100/50Mbps
Monthly Subscription $68.27 $99.30

*Bundled with PopBox, free Wireless Home Gateway and Home line.

**Free Lenovo Idea Pad U260 Notebook, free Wireless Home Gateway and Home line.


Cable Broadband MaxOnline Premium Plus MaxOnline Express Plus MaxOnline Value Plus  MaxOnline Basic
Download/Upload Speed 30/2Mbps 16/1.2Mbps 6/0.768Mbps 3/0.512Mbps
Monthly Subscription $81.32 $47.94 $36.81 $26.48

Free Voice-enable Cable Modem and Home line for all plans.

Free 1.5Mbps Mobile Broadband for all Plus plans.


Mobile Broadand MaxMobile Elite MaxMobile Ultimate MaxMobile SurfLite MaxMobile Basic
Download Speed 21Mbps 7.2Mbps 2Mbps 1.2Mbps
Monthly Subscription $94.40 $72.76 $27.10 $19.60

Elite plan: Free Asus U35F Notebook or Acer Aspire Timeline X 3820I and free PR39 Wireless Modem or E1820 USB Modem.

Ultimate plan: Free iPhone 3GS 8GB.

SurfLite & Basic plan: Free E1550 USB Modem.

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