For Level 4 and 6, we have arranged the pictures in such a way that we present what is at the front first, following by the subsequent rows behind.


Going by the amount of real estate taken, it is impossible to miss Canon's booths at the front left corner. You can find Canon printers, scanners, digital cameras and video cameras all at the show.


Next, we have Acer's booth right beside Canon.


Next, there is a pretty large Apple booth here. There are selected Sennheiser products on sale as well.


A wide variety of LG LCD TVs on display (and available for purchase, of course).


Projectors, printers and scanners from Epson, anyone?


Casio's booth is hard to miss as well.


Fujifilm, one of the popular digital camera brands.


Cash-and-carry your Dell machines here! If you wish to customize your computer, or want something Dell authorized resellers do not carry, the Dell Direct booth is located along the right side of the exhibition grounds.


Laptops from Toshiba are available too.