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Ivy Bridge HD Graphics to gain 4K Display Support in October

Intel is showcasing a plethora of existing and upcoming technologies at their latest iteration of the annual IDF San Francisco conference. First up is confirmation of a 4K display driver update to the integrated GPU HD 2500/4000 of Ivy Bridge processors.

It may have took awhile since the initial launch of Ivy Brdge but Intel is finally getting their act together when it comes to updating their drivers and enabling new features on the HD 2500 (GT1) / 4000(GT2) class of integrated graphics, such as Khronos OpenCL FP64 support and accurate anisotropic filtering.

Not too long ago at IFA Berlin 2012, 4K Displays (3840 x 2160), albeit still a rare 5-figure luxury for many, were promised more widespread availability in 2013/2014 by the various vendors. One shouldn't be too surprised too if Apple does refresh its iMacs and monitors to retina-class equivalents during the upcoming refresh window.

According to a spokesperson at the display demostration booth here at IDF, we should expect a series of driver updates in October to finally enable native 4K resolution support though a pair of DisplayPort 1.1 connectors in Windows 7 and 8. This should benefit 4K movie aficionados, owners with large display arrays like digital signages and entry CAD/CAM workstations, although anybody with self-respect certainly won't be playing any intensive 3D shooters on that size anytime soon on the iGPU solution, or at least not until the monstrous quad-core Haswell GT3 comes along.

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