A new report claims LG will exclusively develop the display for Apple’s much rumored smartwatch.


Rumors about the iWatch have been around for a long, long time. So far the company has not even hinted if its working on wearable devices, let alone confirm the existence of a smartwatch. It is believed that this device might be called the iWatch, and its expected to come with a 1.5-inch OLED display. Reports coming in from Korea suggest that the display panels will be exclusively developed by LG.

The display panels, thought to be 1.52-inches to be precise, will reportedly be built exclusively by LG using its flexible display technology P-OLED, a plastic OLED display, which is the same technology that the company has used for the panel in its G Flex smartphone. This may hint at a curved design for the iWatch. Initial production volume is claimed to have been set at two million units, with LG slated to start mass production of display panels between July and September, later this year.

It is not known for sure right now if and when Apple decides to jump on the smartwatch wagon. Previous rumors suggest that the iWatch might be released this fall, but both Apple and LG have yet to confirm their partnership.

Source: GforGames