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iWatch could feature solar or wireless inductive charging

Apple’s much rumored smartwatch seemingly aims to solve a major issue that plagues all smartwatches.


Last year a lot of companies came out with their own crop of smartwatches, some were made by start up companies that raised capital through crowdfunding, while others were multi-billion dollar corporations the likes of Samsung and Qualcomm. Yet there’s one major issue, battery life. Given that these devices are quite small, there isn’t much space in them to fit a large battery. Companies have to look towards innovative solutions in order to solve the battery life problems faced by smartwatches, and Apple might be working on just that.

For a couple of years now it has been consistently rumored that Apple is going to make a wearable device, the iWatch to be precise. So far the company hasn’t confirmed its plans for 2014, but this product is believed to be on the cards. According to The New York Times, a person briefed on the product reveals that Apple has been testing methods to charge the iWatch’s battery in a much more efficient and easier manner. Methods include wireless inductive charging, also found in several Nokia Lumia smartphones, as well as the use of a solar-charging layer on top of the iWatch’s display, which will harness the sun’s energy during the day and keep the smartwatch charged.

Apple has reportedly also experimented charging the smartwatch by movement, modern watches are already capable of generating power by using a miniscule charging station inside the watch which generates power through movements of the arm. For now, its unclear exactly which method will make it in the iWatch, we’ll know for sure only if and when Apple decides to launch its first wearable gadget.

Source: The NYT

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