Rumor has it that Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch is facing production issues.


This isn’t the first time that rumors about an Apple smartwatch are circulating. In fact, iWatch rumors have been making the rounds for almost two years now but still there’s no indication from Apple that it has any plans of jumping in the wearable device market any time soon. Recent rumors suggest that Apple might launch the iWatch later this year but perhaps it might not be able to meet that timeframe as it is believed that the iWatch’s production is plagued by a major issue.

The latest rumor coming in from Taiwan claims that trial production of the iWatch has a 50 percent yield rate reportedly due to difficulties faced by the manufacturer in applying surface treatments to the metal injection molded (MIM) chassis. The MIM process is favored for mass production of devices with complicated industrial designs because it allows components to take on special shapes while maintaining rigidness. Since surface treatments have become an important part, MIM made components are increasingly becoming a part of the external design, previously they only used to be found inside a device.

Manufacturers will have to satisfy Apple’s demands of quality as well as production quantity before the company can think of launching the iWatch. If they’re able to sort out these production issues, perhaps the iWatch might be launched by the second quarter of 2014.

Source: Digitimes