Taking a look from behind, we see the colorful I/O shield. The
beefy power supply protrudes out of the back of the SFF a bit as it is a big
guy that is supposed to be able to cope with dual Opterons and dual display
cards in SLI.

The power supply unit is made by Teamgreat Technology and is
rate at 380w. It supplies 22.5A for the +12v rail so it should be able to handle
the dual Opterons, but to add 2 power consuming 7800GTs into the equation, there
can be no certainties until tested.



The cool thing about the thumbscrews that come with the SFF is that they are
stay-on thumbscrews that do not fall off when unscrewed but simply hang there.


When the SFF is powered up, the 4 USB slots in the front lights
up in cool blue.


And when a USB device is plugged in, this blue light changes to red:


This is a very nice touch to enhance the looks of a simple design
I feel.