Looks aside, let’s take a look at the configuration of this
tough guy in a pretty lady’s outfit!

As you can see, we benchmarked this against a very up-to-date Desktop system
running Intel Pentium 4 540 on an NForce 4 SLI board running DDR2 memory. It
is not exactly a fair fight, but since SFFs are typically used at home/office,
it is very natural for us to compare it against a typical PC.

All tests are carried out with settings at default.

One of the main mission during the tests was to watch out for the stability
of the whole system since the heat from the dual XFX 7800GTs and the dual Opterons
can easily bring about stability issues when all crammed inside a small form.
That, on top of the power requirements of running dual 7800GTs… 2 x 7800GTs
will surely consume a very substantial amount of power. Does the power supply
have the means to keep up?