The power switch is on the left and before it is powered, you should see a reddish orange on the switch. To turn the headset on, simply slide it down to green. The volume controls are conveniently located on the opposite side. At the top is the microUSB connector for charging the Bluetooth headset. The answer and end call button is the reflective portion at the front with the Jabra name. When you slide the power switch to green, you will be greeted with a female voice guide that tells you that the headset is now turned on. One complaint we had is that the female voice is fairly loud and the best part is you can't lower the volume of the voice, even if you press the volume down key continuously; there simply isn't any way to lower her voice. The headset connects via Bluetooth 3.0 and has an operating distance of up to 10 metres. Like the Plantronics Marque M155 that we tested in January, the Jabra EXTREME2 will also prompt "disconnected" when you are out of range, and "connected" when you are back in range. Even though the Jabra EXTREME2 comes with various sized eargels that are designed to suit different ears, none of them are able to give me a tight fit to my right ear; I have no problem fitting it to my left though.

The Jabra EXTREME2 claims to support Advanced MultiUse. which lets you connect to two mobile phones (or Bluetooth devices) at the same time, and use the headset to control both devices. When you have two active phone or devices connected, the headset will prompt "two devices connected" and the phone that is paired last is used for voice dialing. You can then choose to place and answer calls on both the mobile phones and devices. So, if you are on a call, you will be alerted with a tone if there is another incoming call. You can either put the first call on hold and accept the incoming call by pressing the answer/end call button; switch between the two active calls by pressing the button again; end the first call and accept the new call with a tap of the answer/end call button; or reject the incoming call by double tapping the button on your headset. While Advanced MultiUse looks to be a neat feature to have, we wondered how many users would want to pair the Jabra EXTREME2 to more than one phone or devices.

In terms of audio quality, we have no problem hearing the other party and vice versa during the conversation. We did experience some minor distortions though we weren't sure if they were caused by the phone's reception. Note that the EXTREME2 does not support answering or rejecting calls via voice commands though, unlike other headsets.

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