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Jabra FREEWAY review: your hands or the freeway

Like it or not, most owners of mobile phones are now slaves to their devices, and it shows. Now that workiing schedules have become tighter and workers are expected to be able to answer work-related phone calls regardless of time, location and occasion, it would make sense that the need to be always connected has reached the point whereby even an activity such as driving now has to play host to the act of answering a phone call. So how can drivers safely deal with calls while ensuring that their hands remain on the wheel at all times? Simple; they use a wireless in-car, voice-controlled speaker system, like the FREEWAY which we have here from Jabra.

Everybody knows that the mobile phone is one of the most important gadgets for maintaining constant telecommunication in today's highly connected world. However, it is also an open secret that the easy accessibility that comes with a mobile phone can also be seen as the biggest curse to ever befall man. And this is especially true if one considers how phones are now being left on 24 hours a day for all 365 days in the year, simply because one can never know when an emergency phone call willcome in.

Unfortunately, this has also resulted in people forming an addiction to their mobile phones up to the point where one would commonly find anxious mobile phone owners yapping or typing away on the mobile phones even while driving, in spite of its obvious illegality. This is where Jabra's FREEWAY in-car speaker comes in; a nifty device which allows users to remotely control their mobile phones with nothing more than voice commands, thus eliminating the need for fiddling with their handsets while on the move (and keeping themselves on the right side of the law). So how does the FREEWAY fair? VR-Zone puts it to the test.

Before that, a quick introduction of the Jabra FREEWAY's specifications is in order:

Jabra FREEWAY Bluetooth in-car speaker specifications
Bluetooth version v2.1 + EDR specification
Supported Bluetooth profiles A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.0, HFP (Hands Free Profile v1.5), HFP (Headset profile), PBAP
Supported modes EDR (2 and 3 Mb), SCO, eSCO, Sniff mode
Operating range Up to 10m
Maximum number of paired devices Up to 8 devices or 2 active at the same time
Battery life Up to 14 hours talktime, up to 20 days standby
Microphones SLR = 16 dB +/- 3 dB
2 x 4mm Omni-directional microphone
Speakers 300 – 18.000 Hz
RLR = 0 dB +/- 3 dB
1 x 4 Ohm / 2 x 6 Ohm

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