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Jabra PRO 9470 Bluetooth Wireless Headset Review

Founded in 1983, Jabra has gradually established themselves as a house-hold name when it comes to hands-free communication solutions. With their expertise in that, Jabra has dominated the hands-free headset market at every different price range with many of their products. Today, we’ll look at one of the company’s high-end office wireless headset. The Jabra PRO 9470. Read on to find out more!

Sometimes, having an extra hand at work really allows you to multi-task much more and make work a little less difficult. And wouldn’t things be even easier if you could answer your office phone, handphone as well as computer calls all with the same headset? The Jabra PRO 9470 is the latest offering from the Danish headset makers that tick all the above boxes and it’s aimed exclusively at professionals working in the office.

Yes, this top-of-the-range wireless headset, along with the easy-to-use touch screen base, allows you to pair your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, attach your desktop telephone, as well as connecting it to your computer all at the same time. I’m sure this will spark an interest with the working professional reading this. But before we go on, here are some overview of our gadget.


  • Multiuse connectivity: desk, soft and mobile phones
  • Touch screen base with SmartSetup wizard
  • Dual microphone Noise BlackoutTM system
  • Wideband sound (150 Hz – 6,800 Hz)
  • Full hearing protection with Jabra SafeTone
  • Up to 450 feet (150m) wireless range
  • Minimal energy-consumption with Jabra IntelliPower
  • Superior comfort with 3 wearing styles
  • Up to 10 hours talk time

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