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Jabra Stone2 wireless Bluetooth headset: now available in white

Do you remember Jabra's Stone2 wireless Bluetooth headset? You know, the one that is small enough to fit nicely into the palm of one's hand, and yet is capable of boasting an exceptional battery life of up to 10 full hours of wireless talktime? Well, leave it to Jabra to crank the Stone2's desirability up a notch by announcing the availability of a new "cool white" variant of its wireless Bluetooth headset which it claims is designed to appeal to style-conscious consumers.

Three months ago, VR-Zone was invited to attend a hands-on seesion with Jabra's then new wireless Bluetooth devices, where we were informed that one of the products that was available on display, the Jabra Stone2, may be considered for a cosmetic upgrade in the form of a new colour choice in the later part of the year, and that the new colour would be either white or red.  As it turns out, Jabra did indeed deliver on its promise, for the company has just announced the availability of a new variant of the Stone2 wireless Bluetooth headset that now sports a bright, "cool white" body instead of the matte black finish that has been the only available color option up till now.

As the "cool white" version is essentially nothing more than the same Stone2 with a different colour, it has all the specifications and capabilities as its matte black predecessor possesses. This includes its extremely small physical footprint, compatibility with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices, the same 10-hour battery life, as well as support for voice-activated commands, voice-enabled apps and voice guidance. And yes, it also features the same A2DP technology which is reportedly capable of allowing users to "enjoy listening to music streaming wirelessly from an A2DP-enabled phone with greater clarity and at easy, healthy volume levels".

That being said, if you have been holding off that purchasing the Stone2 over the lack of colour choices available, there should be little reason to do so anymore, now that Jabra has refreshed the Stone2 product line with the aforementioned "cool white" version. And just so you know, the white Stone2  is already available for sale at the price of S$198.

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