More than a day after being hit by a severe earthquake, Japan's telecommunications services reamin largely disrupted. Read on.

More than a day after being by an earthquake and subsequent tsunamis, telecommunications systems in Japan remain severely disrupted.

Users in a wide area of Eastern Japan are either unable to access cellphone services at all or face difficulties in connecting their calls as base stations are currently overwhelmed.

Japan's three major cellular carriers have sent mobile base stations to the region to alleviate the situation as base stations in the region were either damaged or destroyed. The base stations connect to the telecom network via satellite and are able to provide coverage in a small radius. Retail outlets of the cellular carriers are providing recharging services.

Internet services appear to be largely unaffected. Several wireless internet hotspot providers are also doing their part in disaster relief. Fon, Livedoor and Softbank has announced that their networks and access points will be open to public access and remain free-of-charge throughout the weekend. Doing so enables communications through the internet.

Source: Pcworld