Time is money, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAEA) believes it can produce a jet plane that can not only fly faster than the Concorde, but also produce 75 percent less noise.

Many of us probably never had a chance to enjoy the thrill of traveling at supersonic speeds, but if things go well, there might be a Concorde replacement soon.  Traveling faster than the speed of sound wasn’t the complaint for those rich enough to fly on Concorde back then, but rather it was the noise.  The purported 75 percent noise reduction of the JAEA supersonic passenger plane will help to mitigate regulator as well as residential concerns for when the plane take off, land and fly overhead.

JAEA’s Concorde replacement does have its drawback, however, as the current design has a capacity that’s about half that of the Concorde’s 100 seating.  Currently, the company’s prototype is actually only 8 meters long and weighs about a ton, so there won’t be any dummy test flights any time soon.  The prototype model is scheduled for a test flight in August.

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