Roccaforte is the dream desk for any serious gamer. It is specially designed to fit every gaming device you can imagine and make your gaming life easier.

The Japanese manufacturing company Grapht, devised this clever desk to lure any gamer who respects his title (or intents to get overweight in zero time). With ample space to fit every peripheral within easy reach, it still has room to accommodate a small fridge and a microwave. Add a very comfy armchair and you are set.

As the company advertises: “Optimized to fit your lifestyle, Roccaforte’s clever design allows you to organize all your computer peripherals at will. As you can arrange freely your keyboard, gaming mat, professional mouse, driving/flight controllers and others, Roccaforte is the ideal command center for driving, flight simulation or FPS gamers. Roccaforte is the perfect partner for designers, traders or gamers.”

That is, if you have $599.99 to spare, but if you take gaming seriously, it might worth it.