Rule the sky

JCE has announced their first mobile social game, "Rule the Sky", in US two weeks ago. And the company has launched the high definition version of the game for the Apple iPad. "Rule the Sky" is available for download in the Apple Store.

JCE has announced the launch of the high definition version of ‘Rule the Sky,’ the first mobile social game which was introduced on 14 April for iPad in the United States through Apple Store.
‘Rule the Sky’ is a mobile social network game which you can play with friends, moving around their islands with the primary concept of cultivating ‘Flotia,’ your own island floating in the sky. It has charming graphics that give the impression of  an animation and the game is highly acclaimed by users across the world.
The new version of ‘Rule the Sky,’ which is optimized for the 9.7-inch wide display, can uniquely sharpen details of graphics as the screen is enlarged, maximizing its strength. And it adds to the fun of the game as users can enjoy high definition graphics in wider display.
Now that its versions for iPhone and iPad became available through Apple Store in the United States, the version of ‘Rule the Sky’ for Android phones will be launched globally soon. On its global launch, the company will add German, French and Spanish language versions to the existing Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese versions.
The version of ‘Rule the Sky’ for iPad can be downloaded by searching ‘Rule the Sky’ (either in Korean or English) after accessing to Apple Store in the United States and other countries (except Korea and Brazil).
For the ‘Rule the Sky’ for iPad, visit (

Source: Korea Newswire