In an incredibly nonsensical and bizarre video posted to YouTube, former man on the run John McAfee recounts his near-death experiences by the hands of his housemates and invites viewers to join his “School of Badass.”


It’s been almost nine months since John McAfee was a man on the run. Back in November 2012, McAfee was wanted for questioning (but not formally charged) by authorities in Belize in the connection with the murder of Gregory Faull, McAfee’s neighbor at the time. Fearing the police would kill or torture him when in custody, he fled, evading police with a variety of elaborate disguises and wild tactics.

As McAfee would later admit in subsequent press, his home life in Belize wasn’t a very pleasant one. His seven female companions regularly plotted to kill him, he claims, telling Wired in a profile piece that he is partially deaf after one of his girlfriends tried to shoot him in the head but missed.

In this video, McAfee retells that tale in his rambling but eloquent style and invites users to join his “School of Badass.” He’s a weird man on camera, sort of like the cracked out Nicolas Cage in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, but the video is a hoot to watch: